Introduction to White Cadillac

My short story collection begins with this introduction:

These interlinked stories are based on rumours, half truths, hearsay and canted observation. Or maybe they’re not. Names, of course, have been changed to protect guilty and innocent alike. Places are places and seldom move; except perhaps in Mexico, the land of magic realism.

If you have lived and traveled in Mexico you might have known a few of these people, been to similar places, or found yourself in a situation beyond your control. Obviously, it was resolved favourably or you wouldn’t be reading this. For many folks, life didn’t pan out like that.

So when you see a cloud of dust blowing down the highway, hear the sound level rise at a patio party, watch a hearse rolling down the street and flinch at the noise of the brass band behind it, remember, in that commotion there’s a story.

David Lane

Morelia, Michoacan, 2019

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