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My studio is on Vancouver Island, where I produce most of my art.

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My work was featured in ISLAND ORIGINALS in Comox, August 2019.

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My short story collection, White Cadillac, is selling here.


Here you can find a selection of essays, short stories and more.

Introduction to White Cadillac

Waiting for Daniel

About me

I am a painter and writer with a residence both on Vancouver Island and in Mexico. I have traveled all around the world, and my paintings are the result of a deep concern for the future of our world.

A unique dystopian picture of a collapsing environment seems to be shouting about how we must pay immediate attention to climate change and take care of Nature which surrounds us.

My studio is always coming alive with new paintings on concerning issues on which we have been making the wrong decisions. We are in the front row seat of a world disintegrating in front of our own eyes. Worried about the few years left to stop or reverse the damage, my abrush is a cry to our senses and minds to retrace our steps and rethink our actions.

Favourite reads: books by Paul Theroux and other historical travel writing, history, Cormack McCarthy, C.P. Snow and George Orwell

My new book, a short story collection about living in Mexico, The White Cadillac, will soon be ready for purchase.


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